Green Edge Series

Innovative presentations for professionals and DIYers

*** Green Edge Series presentations may be eligible for professional accreditation points with the Saskatchewan Association of Architects, Association of Professional Engineers & Geoscientists of Saskatchewan, the Canadian Green Building Council and the Saskatchewan Professional Planners Institute. Please check with your professional association to verify the eligibility of the talks you attend. ***


Friday, April 7th

6:00 pm Using batteries to store renewable energy: Home and commercial applications: Jason Praski, EXA Energy Consulting

  • An introduction to the world of battery storage in both residential and commercial environments.

7:00 pm SaskPower Energy Efficiency Programs: Megan Patterson, Saskpower

  • This presentation will highlight SaskPower's Industrial and Small & Medium business energy efficiency programs, and provide an overview of the following programs: Industrial Energy Optimization, Commercial Lighting, and Commercial Walk-Through Assessment, Parking Lot Controllers, Compressed Air, and Refrigeration programs. 

8:00 pm Selecting a Green Builder: Ronn Lepage, Vereco Homes

  • This workshop will provide a methodology for the selection of a green builder.


Saturday, April 8th 

11:00 am Electric Vehicles Today and in the Future: Kent Rathwell, Sun Country Highway

  • This workshop will discuss the current status of the electric vehicle industry and provide insights on what to expect in the future.

12:00 pm Green Heating Options: Phil Foster, Rock Paper Sun

  • Information on various green home heating options and the pros and cons of each.

1:00 pm Home Automation: Ronn Lepage, Vereco Homes

  • Vereco defines home comfort as a combination of air quality, temperature, acoustics, lighting and safety. This workshop will introduce home automation systems and their impact on home comfort.

2:00 pm Net Zero and Net Zero Ready Homes: Keith Hansen, Canadian Homebuilders' Association

  • Information on the Canadian Homebuilders' Association Net Zero and Net Zero Ready programs. 

3:00 pm Sustainable Saskatoon: Mairin Loewen, City of Saskatoon

  • This presentation will discuss Saskatoon's status in terms of sustainability and plans for the future.

4:00 pm Are We Making Progress on Climate Change? : David Henry and Ewen Coxworth, Climate Friendly Zone

  • How are innovative cities around the world as well as in Canada and here in Saskatchewan lowering their GHG emissions, increasing their energy efficiencies and changing lifestyles to address climate change?  As well, what are rural areas doing to reduce their ecological footprints and promote a healthy climate?



    Sunday, April 9th 

    1:00 pm Grid-tied vs. Off-grid Electric Solar Systems: Angelika Ortlepp, Suncatcher Solar

    • This workshop will evaluate the pros and cons of grid-tied vs off-grid photovoltaic systems.

    2:00 pm Energy Efficient Wall Design: Michael Nemeth, Passive House Canada

    • This workshop will discuss and evaluate the various wall designs used in energy efficient home construction.

    3:00 pm Eco Retrofits: Kent Mohn, SunRidge Residential

    • This workshop will discuss the techniques used to do an energy retrofit of a home and potential funding/grants available to assist with the cost.

    4:00 pm Mandatory Energy Labelling for Homes - Panel Discussion with Keith Hansen (Saskatoon and Region Home Builders' Association), Ronn Lepage (Vereco Homes), Jason Yochim (Saskatoon Regional Association of Realtors)

    • This panel will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of mandatory energy labelling for homes and how it would apply in Saskatoon and region.