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 Friday, April 26th, 2019

6:00 pm

Is Solar Energy For You?

Ian Loughran – Vereco

Join Ian from Vereco Smart Homes to learn about the benefits and economics of solar energy. Ian will also help you understand how to finance an installation, and choose the right solar installer for your needs.

7:00 pm

One Simple Action: Help Protect Forests For All, Forever

Andrew Tremblay – Forest Stewardship Council Canada
Kevin Gillis – Mistik Management

Your toilet paper, your favourite book, and the milk carton in your fridge have one thing in common: they came from a forest. But there are ways to have a life full of forest products and still keep the forests full of life. Join us to learn how you can take one simple action to help take care of our forests.

Brought to you by FSC Canada.

8:00 pm

Understanding Energy and Emissions

Kevin Hudson – University of Saskatchewan

This presentation provides a global to local outlook on greenhouse gas emissions related to energy resources and consumption. Strategies are outlined for energy conservation and efficiency improvements, as well as adding cleaner sources of energy supply.

Saturday, April 27th, 2019

10:00 am

DIY Probiotic Soda Making Workshop

Adrienne Percy – Naturally Amped

Are you interested in finding out more about this low-sugar fizzy drink that not only tastes great but is filled with healthy probiotics? Would you like to learn how to make your own probiotic soda at home? Join us for an hour of fermentation wisdom and hands-on fun with cultured foods guru Adrienne Michelle Percy.

Each participant will take home their very own fizzy water kefir soda!

Check out more information on our workshops page!

11:00 am

Let’s Talk Trash: Tips and Tricks to Reduce Your Household Waste

Stephanie Streich – Trash Talk YXE

Want to do your part for the environment? Thinking about ditching the plastic but don’t know how? Fear not! Let’s Talk Trash will help you in your waste-reduction journey by showing you how you can limit what’s in your garbage can. Come check out how one university student has been able to reduce her waste over the last two years.

12:00 pm

High Quality, Seasonal and Sustainable: How to Bring These Practices Home

Christie Peters – The Hollows, Primal

Join Chef Christie Peters as she provides tips and tools that you can use every day to make more sustainable food choices.

Brought to you by Green Stem, powered by Tourism Saskatoon.

1:00 pm

Sustainable Style: Conscious Fashion Design

Melissa Squire – Melissa Squire Fashion Design

Learn how making simple choices in design, fashion an business can reduce your ecological footprint. Reduce your fabric waste, support local, partner with like-minded businesses and make educated decisions supplies & materials.

2:00 pm

Conscious Beauty Makeover

Jennilee Cardinal-Schultz – Green Tree Beauty
Erika Tucker – Alchemy Collective

Watch as conscious beauty pros Jennilee Cardinal-Schultz and Erika Tucker perform a sustainable beauty makeover live on stage on one lucky Expo attendee. The ladies will be sharing tips and tricks on how you can easily incorporate sustainable practices into your own personal care rituals.

For more information on how to win this makeover experience, visit Green Tree Beauty on Facebook or Instagram.

3:00 pm

A Greener Tiny Life

Robert Leonardo – Tiny Home Alliance Canada

This presentation will give you a general overview of tiny houses, the tiny-house lifestyle, and how smaller homes can substantially reduce one's carbon footprint and consumption needs.

4:00 pm

Sharing and Repairing: A Circular Economy in Saskatoon

Meg Dorwart – Library of Things YXE, Repair Café

Sharing and repairing are two very important aspects of the circular economy. Meg Dorwart will join us to discuss two initiatives in Saskatoon, The Library of Things YXE and the Repair Café.

Sunday, April 28th, 2019

1:00 pm

How to Introduce Sustainability into your Closet

Tiara Jackle – Raw Fashion Blog

Learn how you, as a consumer, can wear sustainability as well as practice it! Tiara will be covering synthetics, sustainable natural fibers, second hand purchases, and the ethnocentrism regarding some recent clothing trends.

2:00 pm

Green Fashion Show ft. Better Off Duds & Stasia Boutique

Going green doesn't have to mean sacrificing style. Better Off Duds and Stasia Boutique will be showcasing second-hand, consignment, and vintage clothing and accessories, showing you that you don’t have to buy new to be in style!

3:00 pm

Zero-Garbage Baby & Toddler

Naomi Mihilewicz

Diapers, wipes, plastic toys - is it even possible to raise a child without loads of garbage? Naomi Mihilewicz will walk you through how she raised her own two children from birth to potty-trained without a pile of waste, and how you can too!

4:00 pm

Your Pet’s Environmental Paw Print

Patricia Cameron – Saskatoon SPCA

This presentation share tips for protecting the earth and your furry friends! The first part of the presentation will focus on how you can protect your pets from environmental toxins and pollutants. The second part will focus on how you can protect the environment by selecting environmentally-friendly pet products.